Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Part 3

“She has a boy friend who is doing his MBA!”
“She recently broke up with the Muslim guy, good for her!”
“She goes out with so many guys its difficult sometimes for us to really figure out who is her boy friend and who is her bhai!”
Yup, that’s what I always got to hear from Vj whenever I asked her about writu. She was after all my only source to writu and writu was my only deep crush in months. Surprisingly however these invectives about her and by her didn’t bother me to the very least. It just made me more and more interested in her.
Whatever Vj told me about her, painted me a totally different picture of her, from what I felt she would be. It was quite a conflict between my thoughts about her which were formed primarily by the things suggested by my sixth sense, and the things that my 2 year old friend was telling me. This however did not deter me, and I made it a point to vex Vj everyday into telling me what Writu was actually like. I bothered her to the point when she finally got fed up and threatened me with this ,”One more word you ask about writu and I am not talking to you ever again!”. Quite a funny situation it was I tell you!
Now this went on and on for months, yup I kid you not, it went on for months! It would be past 12 and I would ask her about my dream girl. Fests came and went, newer attractive girls offered new prospects but somehow I just couldn’t get her face out of my mind. NO, I wasn’t turning gay, if that’s what you are thinking about!
The night started out as yet another boring night. Vj had to leave for dinner but as always she promised to come back. However she did something that was totally unexpected of her, from my side that is. She gave me the link to writu’s blog, I already knew her orkut profile by then and had almost mugged up her about me!
Excited I opened the blog, and if I ever went on a trip over the moon it was precisely that kind of a feeling! Her writings just mesmerized me, it was beautiful and magical. Now I am no poet or writer myself but this was incredible. The posts seemed to be made just for me; they seemed to be speaking to me. i was in an un drunken stupor, if it were ever possible. Vj, I thought, must try much harder now to keep me away from her!
I still remember that particular day rather night perfectly, it was the night before holi that year. I was already loosing my heart to this beauty! But one thing I was certain off now, this girl can never be a flirt like Vj was telling me, at least she wouldn’t be a flirt to me. She was different, was all I could conclude and I just had to add her soon, really soon.
So it went like this. I finally told Vj of my decision to add her in spite of all her warnings and admonishing!  Listening to that, Vj told me the only truth she ever told me about her, “If you add her, you people would be falling for each other!” . That was all I needed to hear, and trust me life seemed quite hopeful then!
So the next day I finally added her sometime in the afternoon and began waiting with anticipation of being accepted or rejected by her! Had the process of me falling for her, started already?

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