Friday, March 19, 2010

Part 2

It was just a week after the Pujas, around four months after I caught the glimpse of the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I had returned from High-der-a-bad, and my mind was still pre occupied by all the new things I had seen and experienced there (no puns intended!)! As every year before this we (read me and two of my best buddies in JU) decided to meet up at City Center (Oh! How I love that place now!) to share all that happened while each of us was away from each other.
We took a long walk to the place all the while discussing, rather well me and Sourjo listening to Subhra’s talk about his would be girlfriend. We reached the City Center; played, scoped the girls but the topic just seemed to run along like the siren din in the back ground. Now it came to the extent when we were about to be pissed and we guessed that the best way to shut him up would be to make him eat (that would literally shut him up!). We made our way to our very own KFC (yup, the same old “finger lickin’ good” shop!). Just as we were walking towards the front entry, I saw a girl. And time, if it were possible, just stopped!
The first thing that inadvertently got out of my mouth was, “Man! This girl is pretty!”. Now I later heard from my friends that I had a strange ineffable expression on my face, something that they hadn’t noticed in me before. All I can say is that they weren’t lying! There were other people too with her (which I came to know about, around six months later!), but then it was something like love at first sight, I just couldn’t take my eyes of her to appreciate the fact that there were other people around. But then as is usual again the anti climax came, though she seemed way too familiar to me, I just couldn’t figure out where I had seen her. Just to allay my friends’ growing curiosity and also to bolster the fact that I am not such a dumbass as not to remember the girl who just took my breath away, I bluffed them that I had probably seen her at Erudite(Erudite???WTF!).
Well finally I did manage to enter the place and the first thing I did was to go up to the back to see if there was an empty table for us, that would allow me more chances to look at her and recollect where actually I had seen her. But then again as luck would have it, there were no empty tables! We had to sit in the front at such a strategically placed table where from where any amount of my neck craning wont allow me to even get a glimpse of her. “Dammit!” I thought “Why did this have to happen with me?”
We however drifted into our own talks, finished whatever we had ordered and went back out for the second half of the gossiping session. Just as we were sitting and talking, I saw the melancholic beauty (she did seem sad that day!), again! Luck, I thought, wasn’t that cruel to me as I felt! It seemed I had gone underwater (couldn’t seem to hear anything that was going around about me!). She was sitting directly opposite to me, which allowed me to get lost in her eyes again. She wasn’t talking much, however at the same time she had a kind of deep thinking, kind of expression. Her expression was what, was attracting me to her. She seemed to sit still, and she seemed like a beautiful painting! By now I knew and it was pretty obvious to me, if I ever wanted to be interested in someone, to like someone and to love someone, this girl was that someone.
I was woken out of my dream by my friends of course who were by now getting impatient and irritated by me (I don’t blame them for that though!), and we decided to walk back. But then something had changed, I was just not able to stop myself from thinking about her!
Coming back home, I kept thinking about her and more importantly was trying to place her in my memory. Where had I seen her? It was around 12 that night when it suddenly struck my mind, she was the girl I had seen in Vj’s album! Shaking literally with excitement I smsed Vj about seeing that particular girl that evening, and waited with bated breath for a reply. And it came, it was a simple one but it gave the girl’s name as Writu! Writu,I thought, dreamed and slowly drifted off to sleep. This was just the starting. The world suddenly seemed to be such a happy place, and I felt myself to be the luckiest guy on the face of it!

Part 1

It was a day just after my second semester (which I had again royally screwed!), in the summer. I went to college and got bored, went to dine out n got bored and then came back home, started surfing the internet and got bored and bored and bored. Vj came online just as usual, and was prompt enough to remind me of seeing her pics which had been clicked that day. Having nothing better to do, I went to her profile and clicked on the album which was created that day. Now Orkut being sensible enough gives you an option to magnify the pics you really wanted to see and the rest you could just make do by seeing them in their thumb sized avatars! Lacking the patience I normally liked to do the latter!
However just as the album opened (yup, my net speed being real slow it takes considerable time to open albums!), I noticed something rather someone which really desired my full attention. It was a pic with three girls in it, all standing together. On the extreme right was someone who just made my heart miss a beat. I really don’t know what exactly I observed about her in that low resolution pic but whatever my extra sensory eyes did, it was enough to make me go through the rest of the pics in a hurry. The more I saw of her the more intriguing she seemed. But as is usual in these cases, to me she seemed just an anonymous beauty. After I frantically searched all the pics for a caption that gave her name “Damn it!” I thought “why didn’t she mention her name anywhere! (There wasn’t the all helpful photo tagging then!)”.
There was a strange depth in her eyes; her skin color was the tempting chocolate brown; her nose was all too prominent and she had a model’s poise. She looked cute, really cute, her dress just accentuated that fact! But then the all important and vexing question for me was, who was she?! I did the most logical thing that my extremely mediocre mind suggested, I asked Vj about her. However as all the trillion true love stories before this, the start wasn’t to be that easy. I didn’t get any information out of her such that would help me to at least try to locate her.
Meanwhile I already started getting all sorts of not-so-good thoughts about her. May be she doesn’t stay here, may be she already has a well deserved boy friend, may be she wouldn’t even be interested in me, and lastly, may be I would be the unluckiest person on this part of the world and never be able to know her. After analyzing these thoughts I came to the conclusion that it would be the best for me to just ignore her as her being just a pretty face! But then as Ms. Fate would have it, she was far from being ignored by me, I just couldn’t get her smiling face out of my head!