Saturday, June 26, 2010

Part 4

And so it was I started chatting with her, we talked and talked and talked but we never talked about meeting each other sometime. Her knowledge about JU fest, metal bands, authors and more importantly her goodness was enough to get me literally addicted to her. I used to wait every evening for her to come online and talk about all the little things that happened throughout the day. Strangely enough they were all very interesting to tell and hear, rather write and read as I should say! There were a certain number of people who got angry (read jealous) and another certain number of people who began to have the time of their lives reading our scraps! In between all this my boastful self had already proclaimed to her, that I am the undisputed champion of Control systems and networks, and had even promised to teach her if and when she required it. Time for a revelation though, I lied about my strength in that particular subject!
However I felt if she did require any help she would call me at the most, and I would have to explain it to her over the phone! Hey, before you think of me as a looser, let me tell you, I was so obsessed even her voice, it seemed to me would suffice my urge of meeting her!
It was in the afternoon of a certain hot day in May, when my cell phone beeped and it was an sms from the loveliest number in the world! The contents of the sms just elated me! Writu wanted me to teach her control systems in person! Yup in person! I could scarcely believe I would actually be meeting my would-be-girl friend just in a few days. God seemed to be really kind and life bliss! We didn’t decide on the date however, but honestly that was nothing to be decided, I would clear all my plans for that day, whenever it came (and I actually did that!).
So it was another hot afternoon, but this time in June, when I finally went to meet her for my date, oops, teach her control sys! There were loads of things running through my mind, n really important ones they were I must say like, how was I looking, is the shirt careless tucked in, was my hair all right, would I be able to make a great first impression, how would she really look like, and finally, would she like me the way I am!
After taking the long bus ride (long ‘cause of the anticipation involved!), I finally reached the place, city center, which later was to be the venue of a 100 dates of ours! I was early, and to kill my anxiety I went to the music world there, but the songs were barely registering in my mind, and just then my cell phone beeped again! She was there!