Friday, March 19, 2010

Part 1

It was a day just after my second semester (which I had again royally screwed!), in the summer. I went to college and got bored, went to dine out n got bored and then came back home, started surfing the internet and got bored and bored and bored. Vj came online just as usual, and was prompt enough to remind me of seeing her pics which had been clicked that day. Having nothing better to do, I went to her profile and clicked on the album which was created that day. Now Orkut being sensible enough gives you an option to magnify the pics you really wanted to see and the rest you could just make do by seeing them in their thumb sized avatars! Lacking the patience I normally liked to do the latter!
However just as the album opened (yup, my net speed being real slow it takes considerable time to open albums!), I noticed something rather someone which really desired my full attention. It was a pic with three girls in it, all standing together. On the extreme right was someone who just made my heart miss a beat. I really don’t know what exactly I observed about her in that low resolution pic but whatever my extra sensory eyes did, it was enough to make me go through the rest of the pics in a hurry. The more I saw of her the more intriguing she seemed. But as is usual in these cases, to me she seemed just an anonymous beauty. After I frantically searched all the pics for a caption that gave her name “Damn it!” I thought “why didn’t she mention her name anywhere! (There wasn’t the all helpful photo tagging then!)”.
There was a strange depth in her eyes; her skin color was the tempting chocolate brown; her nose was all too prominent and she had a model’s poise. She looked cute, really cute, her dress just accentuated that fact! But then the all important and vexing question for me was, who was she?! I did the most logical thing that my extremely mediocre mind suggested, I asked Vj about her. However as all the trillion true love stories before this, the start wasn’t to be that easy. I didn’t get any information out of her such that would help me to at least try to locate her.
Meanwhile I already started getting all sorts of not-so-good thoughts about her. May be she doesn’t stay here, may be she already has a well deserved boy friend, may be she wouldn’t even be interested in me, and lastly, may be I would be the unluckiest person on this part of the world and never be able to know her. After analyzing these thoughts I came to the conclusion that it would be the best for me to just ignore her as her being just a pretty face! But then as Ms. Fate would have it, she was far from being ignored by me, I just couldn’t get her smiling face out of my head!

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