Monday, May 17, 2010

Interlude 1

Connecting to Orkut...........
*argh* -an endless wait..damn my internet connection.
Orkut HOme....(My same boring profile which i havnt updated for months)
Recent Visitors...(I dont know most of them)
New Friend Request....Same boring "i wanna make franship wiith you"
stuff.....but wait a sec.....
"A-N-Y-R-U-D-E".....*hmmm hmm*-interesting name....interesting Dee
Pee....a quick click to view his profile
Metal-lover,arrogant,seemed to be intelligent,has also talked about
his various linkups and girl friends(*wow* thats really
interesting),and loads of attitude,similar tastes and interests(*whoa*

Selection Criteria Begins

Good in English-check
Interesting profile-check
Not normal-check
Cool quotient-check
JU-OMG....*beware jingle*
I just have one reason to reject him(that JU thing)...but still
"Friend Request Accepted".

Oops... I guess, I didnt introduce myself..IM active
netizen,an ordinary college going student.My interests include
anything and evrything under the sun except my engineering studies.Im
a virtuoso when it comes to wasting time,so i usually spend most of my
time on the internet(specially orkut) or with my college gang(none of
us have nothing to do in life).And last but not the least Im very much
"Single" (to be emphasised with special attention).

Coming to my newly added friend,a tenderfoot in my virtual zone was
added because he qualified my little checklist and also because of his
seemingly interesting Orkut masquerade.

            9.30 pm(the next day)...A scrap...finally a scrap from Mr
A-N-Y-R-U-D-E..he had commented on my status message saying ,"Sumtyms
doin nuthin is d best thing ta do".I replied and again within few
minutes a reply came from his side.We talked about Sanskriti(his
collge fest),his college(which i was least interested about),our 20th
November birthdays,my blog(which he appreciated a lot)...and this was
the beginning of my first conversation with Aniruddh....and a
beginning of a life-long and interesting friendship between two
complete strangers, who seemed to know each other for years.

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